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A place for design ideas to improve road systems, bike paths, vehicles and more.

Making our world a less chaotic and safer place to live.


Do they know?

Teaching Kids the Basics of Safety

Know The Fundamentals

HackHunters AntiCheat Organization

Modeling the right attitudes for a better future.

Gamerz Community Centerz

Giving Kids a place of their own and teaching them what's what.

Project Road Rush

Stressing the right attitudes for the driver.

We Build Positive Attitudes

We make a difference in building the basics of a good life…

We Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

Young adults can cower when standing alone.  We give them the confidence to move forward in life…

We Build Bridges to the Real World

We show people how to solve real world problems, giving them the knowledge that they can make a difference…

Project Road Rush

The goal of Project Road Rush has been formed to bring like-minded ind...

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Designed 4 Safety

The goal of this group will be to design safety into our road, vehicle...

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Centerz 4 Gamerz

Centerz4Gamerz – Community Centers Centerz4Gamerz is an organiza...

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Know The Fundamentals

Know The Fundamentals hopes to help School Boards, Principals, teache...

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Established in 2008, HackHunters is an online community for gamers fro...

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