Designed 4 Safety

The goal of this group will be to design safety into our road, vehicle and public places to create enduring safe solutions for generations to come.  We will do this through discussions, competitions and academic discourse.

We are approaching the launch of this very special program where kids and adults can participate and watch their ideas become reality.  We’ve already redesigned several items including improving traffic circles, setting standards for vehicle lights, and making traffic lights easier to spot when they say ‘stop’ and doing so in cost and energy saving ways.


Traffic Circles: Why is it that engineers think it’s okay to dump traffic into a traffic circle and let drivers try to change lanes while turning in the circle?  It just doesn’t make sense. So we have designed an easy to implement spiral traffic circle that allows drivers to get into a lane before the circle that takes them to their exit without having to change lanes when in the circle.  How smart is that?!  Our goal, to build a 3D model of how the circle works and makes sense, thus improving safety and traffic flow at the same time.  We have, of course, designed circles of all sizes and configurations and are anxious to present them to cities around the world.  Anyone witness what a traffic circle in Mumbia looks like?

Don’t believe us? Right lane makes the first right, center lane goes straight and the left lane takes the 3rd right.  Just follow the lanes in the plan above and feel the magic.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 11.39.51 AM