Project Road Rush

The goal of Project Road Rush has been formed to bring like-minded individuals together with the goal of improving driving safety through awareness.  We hope to reach millions of drivers, pedestrians and bike riders around the world through informative videos and a public forums for discussions designed to share ideas on content and means of conveying our message.

One such YouTube channel features such a safety advocate and is called DontDentMyCar. We plan on setting up a neutral website and invite the hundreds of dash cam advocates to join our effort, share ideas and spread the word of road safety.

Here is just one of DontDentMyCar’s videos which illustrates the need, in this example he points out how many children don’t understand the proper way of crossing a street. Of course, be sure to like, subscribe and share.

YouTube Partners: DontDentMyCar’s YouTube channel has agreed to partner with WhatCountsNow to funnel it’s revenue directly to us, to help fund Project Road Rush‘s effort and our other programs.