Established in 2008, HackHunters is an online community for gamers from around the world, reaching people of all ages in order to reinforce acceptable social behavior within an atmosphere of gaming fun.  Through several online presences including our own website, www.hackhunters.com, HackHunters aims to adjust attitudes in a positive direction, away from anti-social behavior, serving as a social connection for individuals that are in need or those who just want to jump in and help.

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Our membership has the opportunity to be promoted to Staff positions depending on their character and commitment.  At HackHunters, promoted staff members have the opportunity to work with a variety of forum types including SimpleMachines, vBullentin, ProBoards, graphic programs like PhotoShop, or video editing programs.  There are many roles for officers including moderating the forum, making posts or just saying hello to new members.

HackHunters supports tens of hundreds of clans (gaming families) and other anti-cheat efforts like PunkBuster, PBBans, Anti-Cheat Inc., The Cheat Police, RA Respected Admins, Game-Violations, Valve, AON, Game Violations, DMW World, GGC, BattleEye, FPS Admin, United Admins and others like RenGuard, OFPSentry, Wire, UAC2, R-Team, EvoSoft, with support, graphics, information and knowledge depending on their needs.