Know The Fundamentals

Know The Fundamentals hopes to help School Boards, Principals, teachers, parents and children learn proper road safety etiquette.  It’s goal is to establish a lifetime of good road behavior in young children, helping them lead a safe life, and, to define a curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade that can be adopted by schools around the world.

Below is original artwork for Know The Fundamentals geared towards teaching children and reminding adults of what not to do during school drop off and pick ups.


When children are given the reasons for doing something, like looking both ways and how a walk sign might not stop a vehicle or bicyclist going to wrong way, they become more aware of their surroundings and thus more confident in themselves, thus giving them the basics to grow into the world in a productive way.

And this program is designed to reach not only children, but the parents as well as they are the foundation for future street behavior. What happens to a child when the parent double parks, jay-walks, ignores traffic, doesn’t come to a full stop and is willing to do almost anything to get to their destination without consideration to others? Well they’re likely to grow up doing the same thing. Why not take the opportunity to teach both children and their parents with fun and informative videos, puzzles and other shared activities? The key to this type of education is providing the reasoning behind the rule, and to then show examples to provide an indelible image they can remember, followed by how this can improve a community as a whole and possibly remind them what they’re going to avoid.

We don’t have to ‘design’ robots, but not teaching them anything, especially the fundamentals, is most definitely not a solution. Instead, it’s just as lazy as ignoring a crosswalk that’s only 20 feet away. The result of this program will be a common knowledge among children, a little discipline, self-awareness and confidence building, all that’s geared towards saving people’s lives. It will transform individuals for a life-time, and as they become drivers themselves, will carry the knowledge with them allowing them to be safer drivers more aware of a pedestrian point of view.