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What Counts Now, Inc. is under construction and isn’t accepting donations at this time.

What Counts Now, Inc. directs its donations to those programs listed you care about most.  Each program has it’s base operating cost, and funds that will allow the programs to grow.


WhatCountsNow (Goal: to hire graphic artists, authors/bloggers and others to provide changing content on our many online sites)

  • Our general fund that will be either used by WhatCountsNow content, advertising or other uses, or will support programs that are in need.



HackHunters (Goal: $3400/year to hire graphic artists, authors/bloggers and others to provide changing content on our many online sites)

  • Online organization and community, promoting fair play, anti-cheat and socialization.


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Know The Fundamentals (Goal: $3500 to fund hosting and an online forum, and, hire academics to put together a curriculum presentation).

  • Goal is to define a curriculum regarding road safety for Pre-K to 12th grade to establish a lifetime of safe road behavior.


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Road Rush (Goal: $5600/year to cover video production costs for 12 videos/year which take approximately 2 to 4 days each to produce).

  • Road Rush is an online discussion community and also the YouTube/Vimeo Channel ‘DontDentMyCar.’


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Spiral Traffic Circle

Designed4Safety (Goal: $2300/year to fund competition(s), hosting and an online discussion forum).

  • This program initiates ideas to improve our built environment, to make it safer and less chaotic, thus enhancing the quality of life for everyone.
HunterBean Gamer

Centerz 4 Gamerz (Goal: $450,000 to renovate a prototype urban space designed in the coolest of ways, and fill it with the type of computer hardware and software that will kick these kids into shape.  Covers operating costs for 5 years).

  • Goal is to build real community centers in troubled areas, to get teens off the streets give them both confidence and skills they can use in the real world.

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