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Welcome to

Some of our programs have been around for years.  HackHunters was established in May 2008 and other ideas have lingered for longer.  Finally with meeting the right people who do have the right stuff,, we’re able to launch an official not-for-profit centered around these programs.

Each programs is designed to help people in ways that have been overlooked.  For the youngest, there’s an obvious need to increase their awareness regarding road safety.  Too many children are being seriously injured or killed and it’s just not necessary.  The time has come to initiate safety programs on the basics of road safety so children and family can enjoy life without the trauma of collisions.  HackHunters moves towards the late teen area of humanity and provides guidance for youths when there might be no one else around.  It takes so little to influence a life in the right direction.

Project Road Rush and Designed4Safety addresses road safety from both the drivers point of view and the built & technological environment.  The first is to increase awareness to drivers while the second seeks out the best talent to rethink and redesign our infrastructure and vehicles to create national standards that can be embraced by all states.  A higher standard and general uniformity where it matters, like with stop light placement, will reduce expensive collisions and save everyone money in insurance rates.

So here we are, about to launch once we have our not-for-profit legal status.  I hope you join us in changing the world for the better.  Cheers!