DontDentMyCar on YouTube

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DontDentMyCar is a dash cam YouTube channel devoted to informing the public about road safety through the many examples provided. In this video, done without words to reach people around the world, it becomes clear that many parents are teaching their own children through their actions how to cross the road incorrectly thus putting them at risk of serious injury or death when they get a little older and are on the streets by themselves.

It’s odd that most parents will not run across a street, yet a child becomes so focused on the sidewalk across the street that they run.  This simple action shortens the time a driver has to react.  Or what about walking between vehicles to jay-walk, or enter/exit vehicles from a double parked car on the road-side of the vehicle.  Most of us would consider all of these risky behavior, but more important is it’s teaching a new generation bad behavior that will have ripple effects in society by influencing even more people to take chances.