Projects in the pipeline…

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While we set up our non-profit, we’re busy doing other ‘smaller’ side projects.  Here’s a couple to give you an idea:

HackHunters: we’re working in 3ds Max, an approximate $3500 investment, to create a new logo and banner for the site.  The new logo will also, hopefully, be a base for a new website graphics, new message gifs, and a new video introduction.  By building it in 3d we’ll be able to animate so much of it including the camera. we’re developing a concept for a video which defines the connections between our programs and provides a little bit of perspective on how they all fit together.  If you think about it, we’re providing programs that reach people from 6 to 60.

HackHunters: We just purchased a couple of music tracks that will be used for a very unique video presentation.  It’s a bit hard to explain, except that it’ll take viewers out into space to help people put their life in perspective and put cheating in the gutter.  It’s hopes to be a very powerful presentation.  It’ll be sketched by pencil, but imported into a 3d program to pull the pencil lines into 3d space… and the adventure beings…  Check out the music clips here: Guitar Loop 2 and Acoustic Feelings.

KnowTheFundamentals is getting a new domain name and host.  We’ll update the URL soon.

Centerz4Gamerz and ProjectRoadRush are both getting new websites. Centerz4Gamerz will be more informative about the project and what will be required to make it a reality, while ProjectRoadRush will be more of a forum/presentation website to allow every member an opportunity to show off their efforts, and share ideas and techniques for future videos.